dear sir.
My system is very slow. i have lot of emty space in c drive. i have 1gb ram, i used windows XP professnal. how to resolved this problem pls help me

thanks and regatds

First of all check if your system is virus-infected........
Secondly, if you have installed applications like Oracle etc...that consume lot of memory, be sure to end the oracle process in task manager......

Thirdly.....change the title so that you will receive more replies......
( change it to something like "system's performance is very slow")

Check all the running process in the task manager,To find out which application is consuming the resources or some malicious process running on ur system.check memory and CPU utilization as well.

remove program that run during system startup , if not required.

Download and run WheresJames startup Manager.
(google "WheresJames")
disable any you don't need.

Run a Defrag and see if that improves performance. Check Task Manager to see what programs are taking up memory or CPU performance. Delete startup programs. Of course do all of this after you have checked for Viruses / Malware

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