One last quick entry before the weekend starts (and before the month ends) - I saw a story on Twitter today in which some hackers claimed they'd found a flaw in the iPhone that would allow a malicious person to take control of every one of those phones in rthe world at will.

It sounded completely daft to me. People make all sorts of claims on an unmoderated network.

So I was surprised, at least a bit, to see that Apple has now announced it's plugging the gap.

I like Apple technology. I have the phone, the laptop and the desktop. As a former PC user I am worse than a reformed smoker about Apple stuff (mostly, I grant you, because someone has designed this stuff so it looks OK in my home). But I do wonder whether there are any other gaps around which haven't hit the headlines - when you find out that Google plugged its corresponding gap earlier this week, you can't help but wonder whether it was the technology or the publicity that got things moving this time.