my hp dv2000 won't turn on, when i press the on button, all the led lights come on and so does the power led. the hard drive led flashes for 3 times..and then there is no response...just a blank screen. however, the laptop does turn on at times..runs smoothly..i mean it's not slow or works perfectly. turning on seems to be its only problem :( somebody help plz! :(

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i think i am currently have the same problem. any fixes?

Hello, I had one of these for repair a few weeks ago ,I told the owner it was most likely the motherboard ,he then checked with HP and sure enough there is problem with the motherboard on that model and he has/or they have an extended warranty so HP is replacing the motherboard

For anyone having trouble with their Hp Dv20xx and no longer have the 1 year warranty service here are some options: with your symptoms being:

-It will not power on any more.
-The screen is blank and has no display of even the BIOS menu at start up.
-It does not even beep when powered on any more.
-The hard drive indicator light flashes only once when powered on but the charge light and media led lights in the front are displayed and that’s it.

If you have tried fixing the problem your self by taking out the battery, unplugging the A/C adapter, and holding down the power button for 1 minute then powering it back on with just the A/C adapter; or if you have removed the RAM and brushed away any dust, then placed the RAM back and powered it on, and it still did not respond then your mother board may need to be repaired but, try the following:

1. visit this web site address (below) to find out if your HP/Compaq is on the list of recalled computers, if so you may qualify for the HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program and they will perform a one time repair free of charge.

2.When you get to the site, find your model number, click on it, you will see a list of serial numbers, if your serial number matches one of the listed, then contact 800-HP invent or 800-474-6836.

They will send you a box via FEDEX and should take care of your problem within 7-9 business days (or 2 weeks depending on the state of your computer).

3. How ever if you do not see your serial number on the list of recalled HP/Compaq computers don't panic. You'll just have to do a little more work than others to get your PC back up and operating with out having to pay that ridiculous $399 repair fee HP quotes you once your warranty expires.

4. This next step is simple and may seem redundant but do it anyway. Keep calling Hp, if you've called before you know by now the representative will tell you after collecting your information that your warranty has expired, but you can purchase a $399 service plan, covering hardware repair.

The HP Rep. might have even quoted you a $99.99 (non refundable) 1 year phone tech support that you have to purchase before you can purchase the $49.99 hardware diagnostic support service (Which does not cover any cost of hardware needed to fix your PC). They may have you send them your PC so they can perform a diagnosis, but will call you with a quote of repair cost.
If you choose not to have the PC repaired, you're out of $149.98.

5. Kindly decline the offer, ask if there are other alternatives, if they say that is all they can do for you, then thank them for their time and effort, conclude the conversation, and call back, keep trying until you get someone who will help or cares. Try kindly asking for a supervisor on the next call with out giving the representative the opportunity to assist, He/She may feel compelled to get your problem taken care of on their own (Even if that means putting you on the list of those to receive Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program or the free one time repair service), if you portray it as a situation only His/Her superior can handle.

This has worked for me several times, my warranty was 8 months and 3 weeks over expired and my HP dv2000 was not powering any more. It had the same symptoms as those described on this web site's blog and I was still able to get it repaired just being persistent. I had stopped using it when it gave out 2 months after the warranty expired so I bought a Mac Book Pro notebook through a grant I received through my college (Great notebook btw).I wanted to fix the Dv2000 to give to my younger brother for school.It didn't cost me a dime to get it fixed, but I am trying to get my brother to consider the extended warranty.

6. Just be persistent, don't give in to the service charge unless you have spoken to a supervisor and are convinced it is your only option for repair (if you want to repair it, at $400, you might as well save a little more and buy a brand new computer). Yes, when you call back-to-back they will notice that you have called several times in one day but just be to the point, clear, and persistent. It beats paying $400 dollars for a repair issue that's HP's fault.

Good luck,
And if all else fails, Google is your friend.

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