Well i'm not that good at computers but I'll try my best to give as much information as I can so maybe someone can help me out. I have an older computer, it's a compaq, Just installed windows 2000 pro on it and it's just the operating system and nothing else. It works fine but I have no sound what so ever. I have tried to look up some help tips online but I think I might have done more harm then good. One sight told me to uninstall all of the driver from under the device manager, then sound, video and game controlls, and restart the computer and it would detect the hardware and install them again. Well I did that and and it did not do anything. I have no idea of what sound card I have, I tried to follow some steps to find out but it comes up that there is no sound device detected. But there has to be, I have jacks on the back of the computer for speakers and mic. I'm not sure of what I should do form here. Should I try to reinstall the OS again or is there something else I can do to try to get the sound back. Please help, If there is any information you need from me just let me know and I will do what ever you ask. Thank You!!!!

Windows 2000 is not as good as Windows XP at automatically detecting hardware and installing the appropriate drivers. The instructions you had were probably geared more toward XP than 2k.

Do you have your Compaq model number? It might be possible to find hardware information and drivers on the hp/compaq website here if you enter the model number.

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