I want to put a serial ata controller in my computer to run a SATA HDD. before I buy it, I want to know if the transfer speed from the HDD to the controller, will be dependent on the speed of the PCI slot? If it says that the pci slots runs at a certain speed then the the transfer rate will only run as fast as the speed of the pci slot.

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If you install a SATA controller card the hdd wil bel completely separate from the IDE.

ok......thats not the answer i was looking for... I just want to know is the speed of the PCI slot would slow down the data transfer to the the HDD even though it is sata

Yes of course it would be slowed down by the speed of the PCI slot but if i remember right SATA PCI CARDS are just as fast as built in SATA as there both wired into the motherboard.

One thing to note though is to keep your existing IDE HDD for windows. Windows hates installing on SATA cards. You will most likely need a floppy drive and SATA drivers in order to install windows on it.

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