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I want to know if windows 2000 pro has a system restore point like xp if so how do i get to it and so on



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Windows 2000 comes in few flavors:
Professional, Server, Advance Server, Advance server Data Base Center.

Windows 2000 Professional was more geared toward corporate users but it works great as a stand alone Home desktop operating system,,,, you are right about system restore, it does not exist in Windows 2000

do you have an o/s setup disk as they contain repair mode !!

I run both 2000Pro and XP Pro and in a lot of ways 2000 is simpler to tune than XP. While having "system restore" is nice, 2000 will work awsome for you once set up correctly and resonably maintained. Restoring from the 2000 installation works well when all else fails. Only draw back is you must reinstall all updates. In my opinion 2000 is second to none although a little plain looking compared to XP.

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If you repair 2000, and I agree with Darren about its ease of use, you might consider incorporating ERUNT (http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/) and a good driver backup app. ERUNT lets you rollback registries to working versions much better than "boot with previous good".

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