Well, I started up my comp yesterday and this blue thing popped up yesterday, and so I decided to reformat my HDD because I was too lazy to find out the problem. I put in a win98 boot up floppy so that I could use the format c: (I thought this would work because last year when my OS was not loading I reformatted it this way), but this time it didn't work. It said:

Format not supported on drive C:
Format terminated.

Then, I started to mess around with the fdisk because I was thinking the system is not detecting my HDD to format it. I realized that my HDD was not listed on the partition list, MRHARDDISK, and so I deleted the only one listed. However this did not help at all, it only made things worse because now I don't get the blue screen at all.
All that shows is:

Error loading operating system

The partition that I deleted is always shown, even though I keep deleting it.
I am no tech, but I know some things about computers. Can anyone please help me? :(

I don't think you do know even some things about computers if you've got yourself to this irrecoverable state.

You can't format an NTFS HDD (I presume NTFS) with a FAT ot FAT32 Format; also the FDISK won't behave properly if at all unless it's the NTFS version.

The only thing you can do now is to put your Windows CD into the CD/DVD drive (having set it in the BIOS to boot from CD) and begin again with the right FDISK and the right Format.

Let's hope you do better this time.

Oh yay! Something is working now. :) Thanks, I didn't know a simple advice could do so much. Some how it's formatting now, so thanks again!

Well done. if only it was always the simple advice that worked!