I have a LaserWriter 4/600, which I purchased back in '92 or '93, I think. It works perfectly. However, it requires a SCSI connection with the Ethernet port. When I bought a new computer in the mid-90's, a Mac G3, which I still have, I was advised that I could still use the laser by using an Asante switch. I have had that switch since that time, too, and it still works perfectly.

My problem came along when I added cable internet, and then dsl internet when I dropped the cable. My dsl modem needs to be connected to the ethernet port. So, I bought a router which would allow my new G5 (at that time) to use the internet and my G3 to use the laser writer.

I would like to move the G3 to a different room and to plug the laser straight into the Ethernet connection of the G3. No matter what I turn on and off in the preferences and to reconfigure the G3 to use the printer, it will not work unless I use it through the router. Evidently I have set up some kind of network for the printer to be used through the router, and I can't figure out how to undo that.

Is there anyone who can get me back to the state where the printer is devoted to the G3. The G3 is running 10.4.



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You might want to double-check your IP address settings. In System Preferences->Network, select your network adapter and make sure it's static (manual). It's quite possible that your IP address was previously set as DHCP when connected to the router and now it has a self-assigned one. You might also want to check the IP settings of the printer. Check the manual for more details.


Thank you for your reply. I tried re-doing everything with the printer disconnected from the router and connected via ethernet straight into the computer with a different location other than the router. I know that I have to choose AppleTalk for the Asante switch to work. When I make AppleTalk active, the area where I can choose an AppleTalk Zone is not available for me to click on.

Since the computer has very little info on it, I am considering backing up what I need and reformatting the hard drive and doing the set up again. I assume this would get rid of all the previous locations and begin anew to use the printer.


Well, I'm sorry, I don't have much knowledge/experience in dealing with AppleTalk networks. I wish you good luck in solving your problem.

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