Hi everyone, I'm new *blush*... This is my first post to a techical forum on any topic aside from modding games, usually I call or fix it myself.

I've built this pc but I dont' always have a good memory so bear with me.

I built the machine several years ago but upgraded last year. I've been running vista (32x)Home Premium on it.

I have 2 gig ram, dual core cpu (2.66GHz Intel x2). NVIDIA 7300 GX video card.

The freezes started about 11/19/07 whilst I was in media player (updates had installed earlier that day or day before? for Microsoft but I have gotten rid of the record due to having problems installing the netframework update) When it first froze I had to cold reboot. Then I got my first error, one of what seems 4. Winload.exe corrupt, registry missing or corrupt, unexpected i/o error, wdf01000.sys (critical system driver missing or corrupt). I have ran repair and it seems to occasionally work but I don't think that's the case. I think it's a coincidence if it starts after running repair. If I play with it (meaning everytime it asks me to hit enter to start windows normally) it will sometimes eventually load windows. Especially if it is turned off and I wait a bit. Sometimes it still does it even if I wait.

It seems quite random. I ran a test on it and it stated (though I read it's 50-60% accurate) that my hard drive was going to fail soon, value was true, as well as it being a dirty drive..

I've spent countless hours with Microsoft (you know , the guys over in India that you have to have repeat nearly every sentence) with more than one representative and they tried but the most they accomplished was running repair, removing my selective startup items (making me go back and stop some annoying ones from starting up like quicktime update, etc) and cleaning up my temp files (which is done automatically every month anyhow).

Yesterday I noticed my cmaudio.sys driver was only a 2003 driver for xp so I attempted to update it since "The Sims 2" was freezing now also and that has never happened. I had had some errors of sound in the game throughout so I thought maybe it was connected. I had a crash whilst I was installing the update for the sound, right in the middle of it then again in settings after reboot, then it wouldn't reboot again until today. The driver apparently was accepted and seems nice for my sound but the problem is still here, I know it is as I told Microsoft after they closed the case due to not being able to get the problem to happen at command. It's too random..

I honestly think it is either my hard drive failing (doubt but maybe) or that my pc is overheating (I really think this one) because I've seen 59* C upon bootup in bios under hardware monitor. It was that temp after rebooting.. Can't imagine what it was during the use of a program before it crashed.

I think I have a faulty pin on my cpu fan but it's never caused problems before, including earlier this year. I had had a tech install it and I think they fudged it up a bit.. So much for all these specialist (not you guys). I've even had someone call my case a cpu!! I told her it was a case and the cpu was inside, she argued til I showed up and I pointed ot the cpu and said "This is the cpu" and she said she was testing me.. haha.

So, I'm hoping someone here will have knowledge about pc's and verify my thoughts here before I go buy another sound card/hard drive/cpu fan. Though I'm thinking of doing the fan anyhow, it's seemingly a good idea to be on the safer side. There's 4 pins total on the fan. One is messing up.

The fans spin at about 2500 rpm's, case and cpu.
cpu is a bit slower than the case but I'm thinking they're all made different.

I've set the alert to about 1500, if it slows it should warn me.

I have also had lock ups trying to run scan disk since the crash, it aways stopped on one of the higher levels, like level 4 or 5 about half way through, different point each time til I gave up and canceled it.

It also took hours to run. I have a 300 gig hard drive, maybe why? It's a SATA so it's always got the "safely remove hardware" icon near my clock.

Any more information you guys need? I tried to cover everything I've done and tried and that has happened.

Thanks in advance and hope I've not offended anyone,

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I thought I should add that I have auto updates on, mcafee anti-virus (auto update also) and my disk is only 5% fragmented.
The pc is also a bit louder than I think it should be, sounds like the fan?? Watch this all point to my cpu fan! :o

I think I've possibly answered my own question? No one has any ideas if I'm right or close? I could use some ideas or tips on how to troubleshoot to find out if I'm right :)


Okay, still no responses from you guys. Either I sound like an idiot or you guys have no clue ??

Either way, an update for those wondering, I have checked in my case and OH MY!! Lots of dust, so thick it could nearly make a blanket! My pc is unfortunately in a high dust zone. I'd not thought of that being this much of an issue. I've spent the last 3 hours cleaning my entire pc. I admit the grease on the cpu is a bit thin but I had to remove the heat sink to clean it. I even had to disconnect the fan from the heat sink. The heat sink was so thick of dust my fan was dragging on it.

Report: My cpu is at 48*c (one that usually overheats) and is maintaining with my rpm's around 2500, not 4600!!

I'm using one of those $10.00 cpu fans for socket 775 I think it was, for intel dual core cpu that SAYS 2.80GHz on the box but only shows 2.67 on my computer's properties.. Wonder why!

It gets a bit noisy but I'll verify it can reach rpm's of about 4700 lol
Yesterday I tested my temps with SpeedFan (seems to coincide with my bios results with speeds of fans and temps) and it hit 65*c 6 times at full load so I shut down and worked on it today. Everything seems faster unless it's me.
Even my mouse...

I'm not a pro but I do try to do most of my own work to save money. I have some friends who will assist now and then with a thing here or there but mostly I'm a female doing my own work best I can. I admit I've caught a board on fire practically so , you know, I'm always learning. I know now it can short out if you have just ONE pin behind the mobo..

I'll still replace my fan later but for now, this is great.. 3 of 4 pins are working, the 4th I made as snug as I could. I had no screws for the fan in the back of the pc so I used bread ties.. No worries, the fan will not hit them and they are tied around air freshner caps to hold them in place. Suppose I'm a hick. lol

I'm not saying my pc is fixed. I'm saying it's not running near as hot for near as long but I've yet to give it a hard run. I just wanted to point out my fan's situation incase someone else has the same problem. My pc is not near as loud as it was.. The cpu fan is said to not exactly be the quietest so I expect some noise but what I had going was like an airplane!

I'll try to come back and update you guys, those who may need this info.. or are curious.


Okay, I'm back.. My full load, mind you, is me running "The Sims 2" with all EP's, all Stuff packs, Large lot fully loaded with all options turned on, 8 sims on lot with animations and large objects (which is what I tested with yesterday when I got so many warning beeps from that program SpeedFan each time I hit 65*c (temp).

I'm not sure what Tech folks mean by Full Load but I've heard it and I gave it my own Full Load.
If anyone knows about The Sims 2 and the EP's, the Bon Voyage EP can really work your system in itself.

I've watched my temps and I'd hit pause, quickly coming to my desktop to check the temp with that program. It averaged approximately 57*c steady. If you've read my earlier post, it was hitting over 65*c. It's improved and the game is running in the background and I'm at 48*c :D

If I haven't bored you so far, hope I've helped someone else in the process of sharing my own experience. I do not know if I'll get the shutdowns or errors again, especially since each one kept pointing to something to do with a driver or windows loading! I don't know if overheating can give those types of errors but Microsoft sure wants me to be rest assured they are concerned, they've called 4 times in 2 days. lol

I told them it's Christmas time for us, I have to get this worked on with the hardware first, then I can move to the software. I hope that was the best choice in this matter. Seemed it with my cpu overheating and finding it the way it was. I've shared my negligence, with some embarrassment in sharing it, but it may be worth it in the long run.

If I get the shutdowns and inability to boot again I'll let you guys know. It would be relevant as my machine was dead!


new cpu coolers are not very expensive, ask for one for christmas


try to buy one with heat pipes.

also, try running a program that will load both of your cores to the max to check stability. occt is a very good program that will load you system for as long as you want it too.


you might also want to invest in some dust covers for the vents on your case.

Heat pipes? Do you mean one that uses freon? I was browsing some fans with coolers, I think you have a great point though, extra cooling :D

So the ocbase site has what others are talking about when they said "loaded their cores"? OCCT, gotcha. Dust covers I'd never heard of, is it a filter? I'll certainly check into it and as far as the cooling, if it's not very expensive I may just buy one next month myself. As for asking for it, most of my family is broke so I try to not ask for things.. :) Besides, honestly speaking, I know more than any of my family when it comes to pc's. lol

Thank you so much for your response!


PS. LOVE your quote. lol

Update btw, all systems check out okay.. (aside from what the latest poster had stated to try) I've had no shutdowns and no non-startups. I've ran scandisk which usually would lock up or reboot my system giving me an error and it ran just fine (aside from taking forever).

Thanks so much for listening..

PS. done with thread I guess.. thanks much.

Wonderful! Thanks!! Next month is nearly here so that's good news!

As for mercury, I've read where a woman got some on her hands and died.. I would prefer mercury though so here's to hoping it's secure and solid!! (no leaks!) I can browse your frozencpu site to find one I like then look for reviews on it I suppose. :)

As for OCCT, nice little program! I noticed it tries to work with SpeedFan. Though, to be honest I can not get speedfan to entirely shut down after I close it without going into task manager. It tries to stay running and I told it to let go of control after I shut it down so I'm not sure why it tries to keep running. No biggy though.. All systems check!!

Thanks again madoverclocker. If there were a rating system, I'd give you a beneficial rating.


commented: thanks for the positive attitude, hard to come by these days +1

i have speedfan on my rig, but i prefer pc wizard. when you minimize wizard it shows cpu core temp, core load, gpu temp, southbridge temp, and cpu voltage in the top right of your screen. very handy for stability testing.


you might want to wander around that sites reviews and guides, lots of good info.

the mercury heat pipe coolers are brazed at each end of the pipe so you would have to cut the tube yourself to come into contact with the mercury.

i would recommend the asus silent knight


one of the reviewers states that it won't work with am2, that is a load of bull. i have this on my 4200 x2, works like a champ.

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