Computer: Toshiba A105-S2001
Available RAM upgrade: 2GB

Problem: System will not boot upon adding two 1GB sticks of RAM. If the original 512 stick and one of the 1BG sticks are in, it will boot; however, with only one 1GB stick or both 1GB sticks, it will not boot.

I was advised to do a BIOS upgrade, but it did not fix the issue either. I was advised to take my system to a Toshiba ceritfied shop, but the problem is that I live 3 hours away and I must use my computer for work purposes. It will make things VERY difficuly if I am without it for several days. My alternative to this was to take it to Best Buy to have a Geek Squad member assess and/or fix the issue. The Tech was unable to fix the problem and he did not have another solution for solving the issue.

I am in a bind because i do not know what to do next. My question to the forum is if someone can offer a solution to my problem or know where I can go to get assistance with it. Either way, I just want to be able to upgrade my system as my specs say that I can.

Thank you all for your insight and I will be looking to hear from someone soon.

What memory are you using?
Your system requires PC 4200 DDR2 533 Mhz, and the modules must be the same size and clock speed.

that's what i have, but it won't work...just reads 1 of the 1 gb sticks with the original 512, but not 1 single stick or both sticks

You may have a faulty stick, or you may need to adjust your memory timing in the BIOS.
I had to do this with my DDR by lowering the timing one notch.
If you don't know how to do this (I didn't) you might try an email to Toshiba Tech support.
I looked on the site, and I don''t see anything sabout BIOS adjustments, and I bet Toshiba will respond to a request for help.
Give them all the details, and let me know what you find.
Happy New Year.