I recently purchased a custom built computer from my mother's friend from work. He has built a nice machine, but did not put in a graphics card. I purchased a graphics card (AGP) and am now having the trouble of fitting it in.

I have rear panels on the back of my computer and I can't seem to know how to remove them.
So, I guess my real question is, "How do I remove those rear panels on the back of my computer?" They have been attached at two points but I am new to all this stuff, this is really my very first Personal computer, and any help on how to remove those panels would be helpful. By the way, I do know how to install the graphics card, it is just removing the panel that is holding me back. :)

Um, if its a new PC AGP probably wont fit anyway (newe PCs generally have a slot called PCI-Express instead of AGP)

to get the panels out it depends on your case but generally you unscrew the screw at the top of the panel then pull it up by liding your finger up it. Some cases dont bother with individual screws and just have a latch over the top of all the panels.

Base on what you said you might be experiencing an issue with a second securing part for the PCI slots see the attached image for instruction, on how to remove the slot cover, NB: your PC case might be different, but basically the same procedures.

ALSO ensure the remove a cover that will line up with the correct slot you plan to put the carg in.......Normally the AGP is brown.