I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and I would like to upgrade my graphics card to be able to play more games on it. I have no idea what to get or what is compatible. If anyone has any suggestions post them please. I also do not want to spend a lot on the upgrade.

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A good way to check compatibility, is to dowload the pcwizard 2007 program: http://www.cpuid.org/download/pcw2007_v172.exe

then go to the mainboard tab and check what video slot you have (if any) and tell me. The only two video slots would be pci express or agp, actually pci slots can take pci video cards but thats only if you dont have any video card slots.

Okay it says PCI bus. And it also gives PCI bus info #0 Device : 82865G Integrated Graphics Device. What does this mean?

Thanks. But I have one more question. What would a decent amount of memory be for the card.

Well that's tough considering your circumstances... PCI cards generally aren't the best performing, especially for demanding programs such as gaming.

With that said, don't break the bank either. Assuming you're currently using int. graphics according to output of the software you ran, you would deffinately notice a difference in gaming with this card.


If this isn't the exact pricerange you were looking at then go here and browse around:


nVidia typically has a better reputation of being a gaming card, but oppinions vary. Hope this helps ;)

How hard is it to install a card. I read some instructions form pc world and it seemed somewhat complex.

generally cards are easy



There should be slots on the motherboard where cards go. PCI slots are white (usually)

Remove the apparopriate silver blanking plate on the back of the pc with a screwdriver

slot in the card and screw in

reassemble pc


install driver software

10 mins maximin. easy as pie

commented: Easy as pie. +1

Doesn't seem too hard but what do I do with the old card?

if its an onboard card (on the motherboard as a chip as opposed to being slot-in) then you disable it in the BIOS settings (hit f1 or del or whatever it tells you when you are booting up)

You are not able to take out an onboard graphics card because it is just that (onboard) Which means on the motherboard.

This may seem dumb but, can you get both to work at the same time to have more graphical capabilities?

nope, not using the onboard card will actually eb better as it will give you more memory (it has none of its own so steals some of the system RAM)

you cant have both activated at the same time anyways or one won't work.

actually i tried that on my dell dmiension 5150. it has an inbuilt intel one and a pci-x one.

Theres a setting in the BIOS where you can choose to use the onboard one unless a pci-x card is present

on a dimension 3000 it just wont happen.

You know, i just got a really nice grapics card for it i open my computer no APG slot of pci-e slot. so if your the same just buy a new motherboard with a pci-e slot. its so easy. BYE

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