Hi all,
I am reaching out for a bit of assistance.
I hope to get some before I go all nuts...

I have an Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard,
to which one 200 GB SATA HDD is installed
as the main drive. Then I have one small 20 GB
IDE HDD as a secondary drive.

I have had some boot problems with the 200 GB HDD,
so today I bought a new Western Digital 500 GB SATA HDD.
The plan is to do a ghost onto the new HDD and then use it
as the primary drive.

So.. I installed the new drive into the chassis and connected
it to the second of the two SATA ports on the motherboard.

When I tried to start the computer, it did not recognize any
HDDs at all. Then I disconnected the new HDD and the computer
worked like always.

So... I then started studying the user guide for my Asus A8V Deluxe
motherboard, and the only thing I find about SATA HDD installation
is in relation to a RAID setup which I do not want.

What is strange is that in case you want a RAID setup, you use
two other ports on the motherboard, so I draw the conclusion that
it should be possible to have 2 independent SATA HDDs working
with this motherboard.

I have also looked on ASUS webpages for some support, but haven´t
got any wiser.

Can anyone help me out here? Soon I´ll throw the computer out
of the window....

Thanks in advance

I have had some boot problems with the 200 GB HDD,
What SORT of prob.s?

Hi, the problem was a message
saying that there is a problem with the master boot record.

you have to do setting in bios ... Then it will run properly .........

Try and flash the BIOS. Some motherboards have a drive limit of ~160gb. Be careful.

Prob.s with the Master Boot Record (MBR) "could" be a sign of virus activity or that there was a sudden and unexpected power spike such a power down. Remedies depend upon such things as what type of file system you're running 32bit or NTFS. This could also be a sign of a failing drive, to be sure use a firmware utility. If the MBR is gone it's a sure bet that whatever was on the drive is probably lost also. Some disk utilties may be able to help recover some or at least most of it but the MBR will have to be re-estabished first. Otherwise it's usually fdisk, format and move on.