incase u remember me, im previously "omw"
got a new ati radeon 9600xt 128(maybe an entry level card for some)...instaled catalyst 5.3. result was very chopppy performance. ive an old p3 1ghz 256 mb ram, 200 watt pwr supply. surprisingly the performance of my mx 440 64mb was better and smoother. i used a driver cleaner to clean any junk left by previous nvidia drivers in safe mode. no improvement. i reformatted the win xp sp2. no improvement. i downloaded catalyst 5.4 and installed. still no improvement.

things that i suspect may be the reason(but im not at all sure which and why?)....200 psu(but if its less then why it opens up game appllications? 256mb(100 mhz.........any compatiblity issues with my intel 815 chipset). ive the latest vga/ chipset driver installed. bios r 686p2 ver 3.14.........i basically changed the processor from 733 to 1ghz on the same mobo when i purchased this used sys last yr. but of all the things why a supposedly inferior mx440 could perform better??? why throw another 256 mb ram if the inferior card performed better with only one stick of 256 mb sdr. ive a 20 gb hd with four partitions. c is win 98, d is win xp pro sp2. just dunno. is something wrong with my refresh rate setting? i keep it at 75 hz. i ve a dvd rom and couple of weeks back i changed its connector(i had a cd rw and a dvd rom; removed the cd rw after it was not working and changed the location and connector of dvd rom).

CATWEAZLE! if ur reading this.....remember we had some conversation on it a couple of months ago regarding choice of card and u told me to wait.....but keeping in view time and other factors i went for 9600xt.

one last thing.........whats that sticker with a circuit drawing on the inside of the card' carton/ box? it also has a pair of blades secured next to it. is this the hl2 coupon or something that i missed.

even my desktop wallpaper is not showing the colors that my mx440 used to display. the pathetic bright colors with the 9600xt and onboard video r the same.

help greatly appreciated

kind regards


i forgot one thing. will a p4 2.4 non ht, 512 ddr be good enough in case i........

but pl dont consider this as an answer to my previous post coz till that time ill have to use the card on the present system.

ive directx 9c installed(i think its the default with xp sp2)


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