I had an ancient 386 computer that I wanted to salvage data from. So I took out the drive, put it into an external drive enclosure, and plugged the USB cable into my XP machine. XP recognized the enclosure, assigned the drive a letter, but refuses to open the drive. I can't explore or anything. It just hangs when I click on the drive to open it.

I went to a cmd prompt and ran CHKDSK on the drive. It said something about "RAW File System."

Can someone please explain what is going on? Is there any way I can get the info off to use in my XP machine?


not insult or anything but i read post like this all the time, and frankly to often ,you say !
It said something about "RAW File System." people on help forms don't know all error messages ,please post whole messaged .
also did you google .com "It said something about "RAW File System." and see what it says.
anyway you will find that is will say that there is nothing on the drive ,not formated to any file system not nt or fat ,so something happened to the drive since its 386 days