i have a computer (emachine) that when u turn it on u can hear it booting up and then it stops the fan stops and it doesnt go any further....nothing comes up it doesnt get anywhere... u cant turn it off u have to unplug it from the back...and even after u unplug the POWER SOURCE the lil blue light at the button is still blinking...any suggestions?

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bad powe supply, ram or video card i think

you mean the light on the motherboard? thats meant to stay on - the psu keeps residual power

I'd start with the power supply.
Power supply testers (And power supplies) are cheap, or any shop can give you a quick diagnosis

no i dont think it is the light on the motherboard..u kno where you turn the power on..it has a light around the button..that is the light i was talking about...

Are you sure that all the correct Power supply cables are plugged in everywhere that they need to be?

it worked the night before but then i turned on the power strip. After I turned the strip on i waited a couple seconds and turned on the computer it wouldnt boot up...it would just START to boot up then everything stops...cant turn it off unless u unplug the power cord ....

Have you replaced any hardware recently? Or opened up the case for any reason?

Gotta be the internal power supply which is 40 pct of pc failures.

i opened it up a week ago to put in a network card... which after i put it in the computer wouldnt boot up..but i was able to fix that by take out the battery and redoing hte bios... now i cant even get it too boot up to where i can get to that point

Open it again and check every connection. Reseat all the cards and look for anything loose.

ok i already did that... now i can get a very QUICK image of the E on the screen for less than a sec just like a flash... which it wasnt doing before...so i dont kno

You have to tell every symptom-you get a quick flash and...?
If I were you I'd buy a power supply.

it would do a quick flash and the e would appear then it would go away ..then nothing the fan and everything would stop just wouldnt boot up

Open the case and see if the CPU fan is coming on. This sounds like an overheating or power supply problem.
Blow out the dust bunnies while you're in there. Check the PS fan blades for resistance-they should turn very easily.

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