i have a ergo laptop with a 40 gb fuji hard drive in it
when i tern it on it asks for a hard drive password
it is in a school one of the puiples has locked thhe hard drive
is there anyway i can get on to the hard drive
i have tried password but still cant get on to it
is there anyway i can get on to it

Find the person who did it and force the password out of them.
Take it to a tech store, and get an expert to fix the problem.

we do not know who did it or i would i herd there is sometimes a backdoor password when the hard drive is locked is this true this has happend before we contacted ergo and they just said buy anouther hard drive im sure there must be a way of geting on to it

Nice one all you need to do is try to force the guy who did that or try the following
go to the laptop tech try to tell them the problem if it is not fixed then go to the board of the system remove all the jumper on the board and on the hard disk and fix it again

Try Google

Or you could use

For NTFS drives: http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/

For Fat32 drives your best bet is to grab a Live Linux CD iso off the net and use it to recover the info from the drive then just reformat.
Try Slax, Mepis, Knoppix, or Ubuntu.

You will need to know how to download and burn an ISO (.iso)
good luck

cheers ill try it thanks

if anyone has any more ideas on how to remove the password plz dont hesitate to reply or email me direct on <email snipped>

how i removed the password from harddrive...i have used to many tools but i can't so if u have an idea given me then it will be done.. i wait for ur mail....

i also want to know how to remove the HDD passward

Many times you're just out of luck. If you know the manufacturer of the drive, you might be able to email the manufacturer's support group to get a utility to unlock the drive from DOS.