Hi, firstly, I'm a doughnut:) my vaio FR415B was working fine apart from a noisy fan so I decided to clean the heat sink vents.. on taking the machine apart I found them to be completely blocked with fluff.. great, found the problem.

Have cleaning and refitting everything, I now get a dead lappy.. the green power led illuminates, the HDD led lights momentarily and the floop drive tries to start.. this all happens within a second of pressing power on and then the lappy dies.. There's no audible or visual error codes.

I've taken out the CPU again complete with fan assembly and found that I bent one of the pins on refitting.. what a *&^%:$ I've straighted it again and resoldered the pin as it seemed loose (I have a heat control soldering station with very fine tip).

still no joy, the symptoms are exactly the same.. furthermore, removing the CPU and fan assembly again and ttrying the power on with it removed gives just about the same symptoms with the only exception is the power light, hdd light and floppy trying to start takes a little less time than.

the pin that was bent was touching an adjacent pin.. do you think I've shorted the cpu to the extent it's now knackered? it's a celeron 2.8ghz jobby.

hope you can help, if nothing else, to give me some diagnostics tips to check out the cpu an other components... would be wondeful if you could hel fix it for me though.... unfortunately, I don't have another machine to try swapping parts over from.

cheers Gary

No joy is about the size of it and this isn't going to make you any happier.
CPUs are rather delicately made. Odds of your getting the pin back in the right place aren't exactly in your favor. Delicately put, the CPU is beyond the end of it's rope.

yow bro, where in the world did you get the idea to solder a pin on a cpu, i suggest you start looking for a new CPU for the Lappy LOL