My hard drive just went the way of my last auto-engine today... overheating crash. Run to the Hills.

Has anyone ever had this problem before? My HDD has been hanging a lot lately, and today it hung 3 times in 5 minutes while playing music. That's all. Just mp3 files and my computer hung so bad I could hear the HD humming, so I touch the bottom of the laptop, where its attached. The things hotter than my cpu and gpu combined. My first thought is "Shit! Turn off computer, turn upside down, and open a window!" So I try to turn her off ----------------- then I hold down the power button.

BEFORE! I didn't change a thing. My last upgrade was almost 6 months ago, and it was a RAM chip. If there were problems with that RAM chip, my hard-drive wouldn't be acting so f***ing wierd.

NOW! I can't boot the partition I was using at the time, it goes to bare-minimum boot, but I can still use the other partition, and access (some of) the files on the part. that crashed.

My other partition isn't behaving right anymore, either. Now sudo no longer works, because the setuid no longer functions, but I can still edit some root-owned stuff I shouldn't be allowed to touch just with vi.

I think I need a new HDD - agree, or disagree? I don't wanna shell out THE REST OF MY MONEY* without knowing for sure this is the problem.

Thanks in advance, guys. Hopefully I'll learn enough that I can help YOU for once ^_^

*(no joke, man, I'd probly have to take out a loan to get a good hard-drive. I can't get a job that pays well enough for me to go to a university and deal with this kind of sh**, not in MI at age 19, man.)

Nothing that can be said here is gonna make you happy. Over heating drives are a 100 yards of bad news. Best advice is to get your data off the drive if you can, the OS and your apps. can be installed later, it's headded further south. There's nothing repairable in the drive either. Even if you had an exact duplicate of the HD repairs are frequently iffy. Tried it couple of times myself without much success.

Well, that makes me feel fine. Getting a new hard drive sounds like a good thing for me, this means I can upgrade with a good excuse ^_^

Good thing I got that 500G external for christmas, cause I backed up all my data already. All my personal data, at least. The operating systems themselves I am not about to trust. Take a look at how they're behaving (first post) to get an idea - most of my first partition's important files were corrupted, just not any of my personal data. Funny how that works, huh?

Well, thanks for that.

NOW! Does anyone have recommendations on what brands to replace it with, ones that will last as long as me? This one was a seagate, probably made by HP and that's why its dead. :P I'm probably going to replace it with a 7200 rpm, cause I'm a speed-freak, what's a good one for a laptop?

I've used many different brands some of which are no longer in production.
It's kinda like which is your favorite flavor of ice cream.
For years, when I go HD shopping the only drive I even consider is WD. They're reliable last for years & warranty issues are infrequent. Never had a prob. w/mfg. on a warranty issue.