hi guys i know you have probably come accross this problem loads of times but i have installed a second hard drive on my pc as a slave it is showing up in add hardwere and is saying that the new hard drive is working but its not showing up in my computer.


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check the jumper setting on the drive, one should be master the other master with slave or both should be set to cable select and put the master drive at the end of the cable and the slave on the second channel

have checked and all the jumper cables are in the correct order its showing up in the device manager but not in my computer

what file system is on the HDD and what opearting system are you running on your PC

running windows XP just tryed changing the jumper cables to cable still no joy

start the pc in safe mode let us know if you can see the drive

can't see the drive in my computer in safe mode

again what file system is on the HDD you are trying to look at

i can see my hard drive local disk (C) in my computer i can't see the new one i have added as a slave in there need to be able to use it for storage

the reason for this is that windows cannot recognized the HDD basically the file system on the HDD is corrupt and windows cannot decide what type it is,........... AGAIN are you certain that the drive is jumpered properly.

You might have to format the drive for windows to see it

its a pain i can see it in the device management but its not showing in my computer

yeah can't see how the drivers on the hdd could be currupt i bought it from p.c world today its a brand new one will re arange the jumpers again had them both on cable have had them on master and slave

thats just hardware detection, all hardware will show up there does not mean its working properly. try load the drive by itself ( set the jumper to master) if the pc boots and tell you cannot find ntdlr then the drive is good. did you get a cd with the drive, boot from the cd and set up the the drive. THE drive has to be formated for the operating system to see it.

I see that you have the same post and Jbennet suggest you use computer management, if the drive show up there you can format it

in dick management can see disk 0 hdd (c)
disk 1 unallocated

going to have to come back to this tomorrow thanks for your help so far

If the drive is installed properly, you need to format it.
Right-click My Computer/Manage/Disk Management
Look or a drive that's unpartitioned, probably below the C drive. Right-click to Format NTFS

Has the drive been partitioned and formatted? It won't show in My Computer until it is formatted.

Sorry about duplicated answer. Didn't notice second page.

hi guys just thought that i would let you know that this problem is now solved :)

the HDD had not been formatted i had to go in to computer management and partition the full hard drive as it was a new one when it had been formatted it then showed up in my computer

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