I was wondering if someone knew how i can use both of my hard drives for storage. my primary C drive is only 6 GB and my D drive is 8 GB and Pretty much empty. i have been trying to drag programs folders into the D drive by hand but some wont let me drag and i am not even sure this is a safe procedure. i have asked for help on here before but i never got a straight answer. Also the wait time for the replies is kind of slow, so if anyone has AIM would it be possible to talk on there. i will be logged on here and AIM and my SN is THEDEFAULTMAN.

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yes i am running Windows XP. im fine with the documents folder. How would i specify wich hard drive i want the program to be installed on?

That's done during program installation in a dialog box. Some programs won't give you an option, they just install to the boot drive (usually Drive C). The great majority will allow you to choose installation location.

Is there a way to make the 8 GB Hard drive my main drive?

You can image 6GB drive to it or install a clean copy of XP. Either way, you will need to backup any data on drive. If you are not familar with those processes, I recommend you do not try unless you are willing to lose everything on both drives.

If you are using IDE connection set the 80G HDD to master with slave, and the 60G to slave, Install you operating system on the 80G, moving files between the 2 will not be as hard However, some system files will not be Move.......some HDD comes with a cd that help you to move the files from one HDD to another.....

If your 6gb is your main drive, it is easier to keep it that way. You can use this to have Windows, and the programs that are already on there.

I would use the 8gb for storage. Anything you create or download should go there. Your music, photos, documents, etc....

You cannot just drag programs that you have already installed to another drive. They have to be uninstalled and then reinstalled to the other hard drive. If you have moved installed programs manually, you should put them back!!! Because the program will not work correctly because it won't be able to find its files.

Ok. but what if the things i install don't ask me to specify which HD i want them on?

Then they don't and will install to their default folder.

Most, if not all programs automatically install to c: drive.

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