I'm having a problem when I turn on my PC I get this message "Detecting IDE Drives". Then it takes a few times turning it off and on to get it to work. Sometimes a good whack on the side works LOL. I've taken it to the local computer shop and he has replaced the HD 5 times by the way its a Seagate 500gb I'm sick of this guy not fixing the problem, hes the only shop in town. So if anyone can help me figure out the problem and fix it I'd really appreciate. OS is XP Pro. Thanks

I would recommend trying to disconnect any other IDE deives and trying to start it up, perhaps using a different or new(er) cable.

This kind of problem can sometimes come from a bad cable or an optical drive that is having a problem being identified

You could also try resetting the bios.....


Sorry should have said CMOS


OK not to sound like an idiot but what cables do I need and where is a good place online to get them? And I don't know where to even start to reset the bios.

Hi, Do you have the manual for the motherboard? There is usually a diagram of the board showing all jumpers and discribing there purpose. Most manufacturers have the MB manuals available for download. If you can't find one just remove the battery from the board for about 30 sec, make sure that the pc is unplugged from the power. Once you power up again you will have to go into the bios settings and set the clock again.

Good luck


PCFresh has the right info there, although on many newer boards you may also find a set of three pins together with a little clip (jumper) covering two of them and a label "CMOS" by it. This is the CMOS reset jumper if it is present and just moving it from one position to the other and restarting the computer will clear the BIOS.

As for cables, most computer stores will have them and if you do a search for "IDE cable" you should come up with a large number of results. Pricing on the cable shouldn't go above about $8 (US) for standard ones and will often be found at half that price. There are higher quality ones available that are round but for the general user they are not needed.