I installed another gig to my hp pavilion a1340n but computer does not see it I flip flopped them around started each stick only in each slot. each slot is working and each stick of ram works but when i go to a memory upgrade site and scan the computer is says one slot is empty. please help hp tech could not help me

I did notice the favors on to the other it will always show the new one over the old one no matter which slot

check the bios for proper ram voltages and speeds, could you give us you system specs?

That is all greek to me I can do almost anything with this computer but what you are asking sorry

What amount of RAM did you upgrade from?
If it was 2Gb and you have placed in another 1Gb, XP doesn't show it because it can't!
It's a funny issue that i am not to clear on myself.
Are you checking the 'control panel -> system' link to see the amount of RAM?

normally most of the computer shows the problem of not detecting upgraded ram at the time of installing this is due to not inserting the new ram into the slot peoperlly so ou had also the same problem so first reinsert your new ram into the second slot of ram and restart if it is nort detecting again remove your ld ram and insert your new once in to that slot and restart if its working then insert your old ram in to second slot if its not working then some problem in the second slot,even after inserting your new ram in first slot if it is not working then some problem in the new ram,so check as i said

went from 1 to 2 gigs, checked by hitting f1 at start up

tried all that this is not my first rodeo just the first with this problem. Thanks

okay, to check your ram settings in the bios just press "delete" while the mobo is posting (it should say "press delete to enter setup" at the bottom of the screen). from there you can hunt around for your ram settings. if you still have the manual for your mobo it should be able to point you in the right direction. make sure that all of the settings match with the reccomended settings for your ram, if all the settings are in auto manualy change them. it is possible that you just bought a bad stick of ram and it needs to be returned....