I built my computer a while ago. I used this motherboard and bought only one stick of RAM.

I want to buy another gig of RAM so I can have the "Dual channel memory" setup. I always hear that you need to put two identical sticks in for that to work, but as you can see, that stick of RAM is no longer being sold. What kind of RAM do I need? Will this one work?

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anything with similar specs will work, but the best thing, in order to avoid errors, would be to exchange your stick for two identical sticks

Well, apparently they're selling my RAM again for a limited time.... Yay!

Can't go wrong with this, right?

if you're certain this is the same make, model and specs

It is the exact same item: ULT31664.

The RAM arrived and I installed it in my computer. Both modules are in blue memory slots. The two black ones are empty, of course. The System Properties window correctly indicates that I have 2GB of ram.

Is there a way to tell if the dual-channel feature is kicking in?

during POST you should see something like "memory runs in dual mode"

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