I recently created a computer from spare parts that I found in my garage, cleaned them out, and through out the damged ones that would not work.

So, once I was complete, I started the computer, I heard about 5 beeps, and then nothing, the fan was on, I could feel virbration from the Hard Drive, and all the lights were on. But, the keyboard was non-responsive, it had the numlock light on, but when I pressed Caps Lock, nothing happened. And the mouse was not even on. When I pressed the monitor menu button, the monitor displayed this message: In Power Save Mode. Press and key on keyboard or move mouse.

I moved a few cables around, and got the 5 beeps to stop, but still the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are not working.

Please help.


My CD Drives do not work either.

it might be because your motherboard is defective in the parts that you hooked on, or your keyboard and mouse dont work...

try the keyboard and mouse on a different computer, if they work, it means the motherboard is corrupt and you might have to buy a new one...

The keyboard and mouse both work.

Then like you said, it might be the motherboard.

The motherboard could be corrupt, since I found it in my garage. And who knows how long it's been down there.

But, I have another computer that I found in the garage that I just hooked up, it worked, then I switched RAM. The computer did not even start. Then I put the old RAM back in, and it still did not work.

ok, so you had a old ram in there, it worked, than you put another one and it didnt work? than when you put the old one back in, it still didnt work?

if thats what it is, try cleaning the inside of the ram place, blows it out, so no dust is in there, than it could be that the other ram to put in there damaged the ram slot, so when you put the ol ram back, the slot was damaged...

did you try to put the ram in different slots?

Yes, so far, I haven't been able to get it to work. If I unplug it, and replug it, then press the power button, the fan will start for like 3 seconds, then turn off.

ok, well did you try to check if the power button is plugged in normally? and check to make sure it has connectivity to the motherboard...

Yep, took it apart, put it all back together, still doesn't turn on. The same thing, the fan starts for 3 seconds, then stops.

than the motherboard is probably corrupt...since everything is connected to the motherboard, for the fans to work properly, the motherboard has to be working properly...

Ugh, this sucks, I gotta get two mobos..... 0.o It's going to be a huge drag.... and leach out most of what little money I got now...

Ugh, this sucks, I gotta get two mobos..... 0.o It's going to be a huge drag.... and leach out most of what little money I got now...

why bother they were only junk lying around the garage for god knows how long ,throw them in the dumpster!

did you try a different power supply unit.!

You stated in the original message that you gete 5 beeps then nothing. Go here
This will probably give you the answer you're looking for.
Probably you're CPU failed.

Good luck..

I have a pc dat used to work but the hard drive crashed so I put in a new hrad drive and connected everything I took out but when I boot it up after a few days it starts up nicely..everything works but after a while it just goes off and when I try switching it on again it powers up but the monitor keyboard and mouse doesn't work at all.what could be the problem and what can I do?

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