Good day sir, I'm a computer technician and I have a patient: Dell Inspiron 600m. The first problem is the Bios Password which I removed manually by disassembling it. After removing the Bios Password, the second problem is the Hard Drive Password which I removed it through Password Generator. The third problem is NO BOOT DEVICE. This really baffles me. I looked at the Bios and it says Primary Hard Drive: NONE. I tried Function F several times to reset the Bios but it still doesn't detect the hard drive. I removed and re-install the hard drive and it's still not detected. I removed the hard drive and installed it in my wife's NEC VersaPro laptop and surprisingly, it boots up. I installed my wife's 20GB hard drive in the Inspiron 600m and it's still doesn't detect the hard drive. This Dell Inspiron 600m is driving me nuts. I would really appreciate all the help. F1, F1...

something wrong with the motherboard.. check if there is any leaking capacitor,chips and other...

Why did you need to remove passwords?

Mr. Benmar, there are no leaks on the motherboard

Mr. Crunchie, the customer's problem is the Bios password. That's why I removed it. It so happened that after removing the Bios password there's also a hard drive password which I also removed and then this problem. I've even updated the Bios to A17 but the problem is still the same. The funny thing is I can put on a hard drive password which means it is indeed detected. But when you look at the Bios, Primary Hard Drive: NONE. Any more ideas/techniques I can use? Thanks.

try clearing the cmos setting by taking out the battery if you havent already. A bios flash doesnt mean the cmos settings were cleared.

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