Good day sir, I'm a computer technician and I have a patient: Dell Inspiron 600m. The first problem is the Bios Password which I removed manually by disassembling it. After removing the Bios Password, the second problem is the Hard Drive Password which I removed it through Password Generator. The third problem is NO BOOT DEVICE. This really baffles me. I looked at the Bios and it says Primary Hard Drive: NONE. I tried Function F several times to reset the Bios but it still doesn't detect the hard drive. I removed and re-install the hard drive and it's still not detected. I removed the hard drive and installed it in my wife's NEC VersaPro laptop and surprisingly, it boots up. I installed my wife's 20GB hard drive in the Inspiron 600m and it's still doesn't detect the hard drive. This Dell Inspiron 600m is driving me nuts. I would really appreciate all the help. F1, F1...

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something wrong with the motherboard.. check if there is any leaking components...like capacitor,chips and other...


Mr. Crunchie, the customer's problem is the Bios password. That's why I removed it. It so happened that after removing the Bios password there's also a hard drive password which I also removed and then this problem. I've even updated the Bios to A17 but the problem is still the same. The funny thing is I can put on a hard drive password which means it is indeed detected. But when you look at the Bios, Primary Hard Drive: NONE. Any more ideas/techniques I can use? Thanks.

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try clearing the cmos setting by taking out the battery if you havent already. A bios flash doesnt mean the cmos settings were cleared.

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