Hi there, i'm new to Daniweb, and was searchin on Google about Help on Monitor Settings and came across a thread on here.
Thought I would post my question on here an hopefully somebody can help?

My computer had recently updated and restarted.. when I come back to my desk after dinner, I had noticed that my screen was all scrunched up. My normal setting is 1024 x 768.
So I tried to reset it myself.. and I was messing around with the settings and apparently now I have "two monitors" and I cannot bring properties anymore because either that window is on the "2nd monitor" or.. it got lost in cyber space? .. i've done like a system restore and a few restarts and 45 minutes later, I figured I could bring the internet window to the "1st monitor"

So NOW my question is.. how do I get back to having everything on one montior.
Because thats all I have..

Reboot the machine and start tapping F8.

This should prompt you for a mode to boot in.

Select "VGA"

Once inside of windows right click your desktop and change the display settings back to normal.