is there any way to get this video driver to display a wide screen resolution? I installed a wide screen monitor but have no option in display properties to choose a resolution with appropriate ratio.

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The driver was installed automatically after monitor was detected. No wide screen resolutions were available. So i updated driver to the Xerox driver specifically made for the monitor. Then i got even fewer resolution options. So I rolled back to the plug'n play driver. I'm just wondering if my on-board graphics controller can "do" wide-screen resolutions or not. It's an Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV.


you can have a new updated driver and using the software given ithink the problem might be solved. also u can use the windows resolution option to continue with the wide screen issue


I need to download a video card driver update for Intel 82845G/gl/g6/pe

Roxio 9 keeps giving me a buffer overload message and when I restart the program it tells me my video card driver needs to be updated.

Please help...


Did the driver you downloaded from intel fix the problem? I am having the same problem, but when i downloaded the current driver, it did not fix the problem. It gave me more choices but not the 1680x1050 that I am looking for.

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