I have bought some video capture hardware and software (Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 with Studio 8). The box did not say however that I needed a hard disk that would read and write at 4MBs minimum. My hard disk can only support about 3.5MBs. My main problem is that I can't afford to have my hard disk in my computer upgraded because it is a laptop.

The best 2 things I can think of is ether upgrading my old PC and run it over my network or to get an external hard disk (I have been looking into getting an external hard disk for a while). What I would like to know is can you get external hard disks that can read at 4MBs or greater. Or would it be better to upgrade another computer and do it over a network? (If you have any other ideas that I could look into I would like to hear them).

Thanx, Ragnarok

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If you've got a firewire or a USB 2.0 port, then you'll be in good shape, transfer rate- wise. From there, you can get whatever kind of hard drive you want, and you can really look into a fast hard drive to do your video capture on.

Since most external cases have a plain-old desktop hard drive in them, you could even go so far as to buy an empty external case, and then put whatever hard drive you'd like in there. As a matter of fact, there are even Serial ATA external cases, so you could even connect an SATA drive to your laptop via USB 2.0 or firewire.

Ye I have USB2, considering the device Im using needs it its a good job

can anyone give me an idea of how much one would cost?


Hello! I recently purchased a new internal Seagate Hard drive (250GB, 8MB, 7200) as a slave for my windows XP PRO system.

When trying to capture video, it was very jerky and would often stop. On playback it was very slow.

So I thought, perhaps, it was too slow at 8m. So I purchased a Maxtor (250GB, 16MB, 7200) And am having the same problems with video capture.

This prompted me to check out my other devices for which I have no trouble capturing and editing video with.

My OLD Maxtor external firewire drive is only 2mb!!! and does great!
My Seagate 160gb and my Seagate GB C:\\ drive is fine too (I don't know the speed on these, but they have to be less than 16MB)

Any ideas? Thank you!

hello everyone,
i have a seagate 500 gb external harddisk which i am using for the past 2 years.it was working well all these days but since last week, transferring data into it or transferring data from it into my system has become very very slow.. and its not happening...
can anyone suggest a solution.

I was also facing same kind of problem last month. But I got resolved these issue through a forum.

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