I have 2 hd, master ata100, slave ata66 . Transfer mode "Device 0": Ultra DMA.
Transfer mode "Device 1": PIO Mode.

When I use explorer and access the second hd, the all computer slow down, the mouse can't even move for a few seconds. What is happenning? I try to change the transfer mode from PIO to UDMA but it doesn't change.
Amd xp2000

did u try defragmenting the hard drive?

yes --------------

Here what I did.
I used to have this set up:
Primary: master ata100, slave ata66
Secondary: master cd, slave dvdrw
Now I chave that:
Primary: master ata100, slave cd
Secondary: master ata66, slave dvdrw

And it's working great, no more slowing down when I access my second hard drive.

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