I'm having a problem with my monitor, a 19 inch LG l194wtx I connect it to my Radeon x800 xt through a dvi cable. The card has a vga connection as well.
When I turn on my pc, the activity and the monitor lights come on but the screen remains black.
I rebooted a couple of times and at one point it displayed the log on screen but it flickered for a few seconds and the screen went black again.
I connected to my lcd tv through the vga connection and it worked fine. I thought it might be the dvi cable so I changed it but the problem remained.
The monitor displays after I push a few buttons, like right now, but I don't know what I did because it didn't display.
Previously, the pc was shutting down but it had a new 500 watt power supply with two power supply connectors, male and female. I could only connect the male because all the connections were taken by the dvd drives, the graphics card, and the fans.
I checked out the monitoring application that came with the resource disk and it showed that the power supply was below threshold. I put in a 350 with only a male connector and one to the motherboard. That seemed to fix that problem.
Now the display.
It doesn't seem to be the graphics card, , as it displays on my tv. (Incidentally, the color on my tv just went. Coincidence?)
Do I need a new monitor even though it's less than a year old or is it the graphics card?
Any suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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If the vga display option workd fine, but the dvi does not, you may hav a hardware compatability problem. Goto the display manufacturer's website and see if there is an issue with this video card.

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