So, i have a DDR4 4gb RAM with 1866Mhz installed on my laptop. Then i plan to add DDR4 4gb RAM with 2400Mhz. What will happen?

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Topic Question is "yes."

As to the question in the topic, while that is yes, it's never recommended as once in a while there is trouble when mixing.

As to the question in your text, you won't know till you try it.

Yes, it is possible to use RAM with different frequencies. You can use, but it
may limit the overall performance of the system. Your motherboard will slow
everything down to the speed of the slowest one

I would just type the make and model into google and you should get a list of websites offering the specs for this device. Check the acceptable ram speeds and the total amount that can be installed. I might check also if anything can be overclocked in the bios if it's more speed you want. Do this at your own risk, speed causes heat so make sure your fan is clean.

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