Hi, ive been trying to copy a diagnostics file onto a floppy drive to analyse a problematic HDD. Once the program is on the disk I need to reboot the machine and it will perform diagnostics on the HDD.

The problem is when I insert the floppy disk and try to put stuff on it, the system tells me there is no disk in the drive. The little green LED that shows the drive is in use is on permenantly which makes me suspect something is wrong, but the system tells me the drive is there, functioning correctly. I tried deleting/uninstalling the drivers for the floppy drive+controller and renstalling them but the same problem still occurs.



Is the floppy formatted? On the rear of the disc in the bottom right hand corner there is a small square that will protect if from being written over, try sliding it into the other direction.

This happened to me every time i put a floppy in the drive new or used the computer freezes and wont let me write to the floppy i tried moving the little tag at the bottom of the floppy it doest work ether i try formatting a floppy in windows (it crashes) i try formatting it in command prompt i get the blue screen of death

i hope someone can help me to :-|

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