I have an Acer Aspire 5601 and a couple of months ago it shut down without any warning whilst I was using it. It wouldn't turn back on until the following day, and showed no record of ever having shut down, no error reports, no system check ups, nothing.
It shut down again two days ago in exactly the same manner as it did the first time, but as of yet I cannot get it to turn back on. It does not charge, it wont power up via battery or power lead...any suggestions as to what's wrong?

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Are these indicator lights that show that it is plugged in? perhaps the power adapter is bad, thus not turning on the laptop or charging the battery


Thanks for replying. Yeah, the lights that show it is charging. I've tried charging it with another working charger and that has no effect either. So I doubt it's the charger.


check the battery. it might not being charge when plugged in.

i don think it is the battery because it doesn't power up even when plugged into AC.

i would start to suspect the mobo or cpu itself.

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