OK. I have an issue with an Edit Suite computer that I simply can not crack.

When attempting to turn on the machine after being off for a couple of hours, it does not boot. The 660w PSU sends power to a WD HDD, a Raid 5 with 3 WD HDDs, the optical drive, all of the fans (connected directly to the PSU as well as connected to the MOBO i.e. heat sink fans), and the 2 3.0 gig Intel Xeon CPUs. The CPU heat up after power runs through the computer runs for a while, and the fans kick up the RPMs. the BIOS does not load, no info BEEP sounds and no OS loads. It can sit like that until the world ends, and nothing would happen. But if you Hard power it down (press and hold the power button) the system shuts down. If you simply press the power button and wait, no dice. But if after you Hard power down the machine(or even turn the PSU power off then on), then press the power button again, the system comes up just fine. Runs quick and without problems. Info BEEP is a single beep.

I cracked open the case and...
checked all power connections
all LED's
all the fans
and the PCI cards

then ran a test to check the voltage in BIOS
and ran a complete RAM check
-- All coming back OK.

anyone have any ideas?


It's getting worse. It had to be shutdown and restarted four times yesterday to get the machine to boot.

please, if anyone has any ideas, that would be most helpful.