Ok, currently I do not have this problem but I would like to know how to solve it should(when) it happens. I realize recovering data is a specialized field in some cases but for a small job....is it possible to clone a HD that is not responding using any available programs? I have read the trick about putting the HD in the freezer trick to get it up and going for a few, and while I do believe it works from all the stories I have read, what if it doesn't? So I guess my question is, what are the top tricks to try and recover data from a dead hd, before having to send it to a company for $300/ hr? Thanks.

If it doesn't then you're out the bill for the data recovery. Your data is probably still safely tucked away on the platter but the onboard electronics is where the prob. (barring a head crash) is and is why you're not getting any results. As you may well know by now there's no such thing as drive repair short of drive replacement under warranty. Repair parts are also not available for a variety of reasons. Recovery tech's don't repair the drive either, they take the drive down, at least to the spindle, connect it to their proprietary hardware/software and suck the data off, at that point the drive is basically a boat anchor.

hi roebuc, if you're lucky enough that the platter and the head on your hdd is not damage, then try to replace the pcb of your hdd with same model with a good pcb, check if it will help, tried a few times and it works well...

same model means everything should be the same specs.. be careful in doing this if you're not a tech savvy..don't try this..

depends what the problem is with the HD