I have a 32 Vista HP media center PC and all was working well until earlier today.
I have been succesfully watching Live cable TV on my PC and out of the blue when I tried to watch live TV I got the error message "TV TUNER NOT DETECTED".

I restarted the PC and tried to see if that would help but I got nowhere.

I have a dual-tuner NVIDIA TV Tuner and my PC (HP8147c) is somehow to dumb to recognize it.

Can someone please help?


Have you checked that the card is firmly in place try removing it from the motherboard then reseating it. Then go to device manager and see if it shows up.

It might be that the card has died though in which case you will need to buy a new one or return it under warranty.

ive got the same problem, got a toshiba satellite p750-114, it come with w7 basic, windows media center worked fine, did a fresh install of win proffessional an now in device manager there no tv tuner card detected, nor it WMC detecting that i have one. i have downloaded tv tuner driver from toshiba website, however nothuing seem to have happened... can anybody help me???

did you check device manager and see if it was missing any other device drivers

YEP, it worked b4 the upgrade, an now its asif it dont have one?!

YEP, it worked b4 the upgrade, an now its asif it dont have one?!

not sure who you are replying to, as no one asked that question