hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.
i have a gateway mx7120 and it will not turn on. when i hit the power button the laptop tries to turn on (i hear the usual noises and beeps) and then after 5 seconds it shuts itself off and tries to power up again. it fails to power up again but i hear the usual noises. right now i have the laptop in pieces looking for some sort of reset button a friend told me about. i have not been able to locate anything that even looks like it might be a reset switch. please help.

From another site: "even done the hard reset button on the bottom of the laptop"

does any thing comes up on the screen when you boot the laptop. is the battery fully charged. are you using a wall outlet for power or the battery.

nothing comes up on the screen, i have tried the laptop battery and being plugged into the wall. i cannot find a hard reset button anywhere on the bottom of the laptop.

i believe you might have a dead battery, or your HDD is definitely shot,

go to mfg.s site & dnld a operations manual.

MX7120 - Booted to selection option screen - screen locked. Unable to move from screen; various options including safe mode do not work, reset, power off/on o remove baterry.