I was given Toshiba Tecra 9000 which worked 3 days until WinXP gave blue screen. After numerous reboots I finally reinstalled WinXP at it worked next 8 hours just fine and then blue screen again. After that it wouldn't install WinXP again. Install stopped error which told to use chkdisk, didn't help.
After that I bought new HDD and installed WinXP without any problems. This installation worked for 2 days before i got blue screen. After that i managed to repair the installation for a week every time laptop crashed. Next I tried install Ubuntu but same problem it crashed soon as I was installing Ubuntu to HDD. HDD is now working just fine as usb-hdd.
Currently the state is that laptop won't boot at all. Power led lights up but cpu-fan,hdd and cd-rom won't work. FN-button will light up led in the keyboard. I have tried to changed memory module to different slot, no help.
Is this a lost cause or can I somehow save this machine ?

Thank you

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Are you sure the cooling system on the laptop is working fine? It could be due to the fact the cooling fans have failed to work and thats causing the whole system to crash. Or it could be the CPU itself failing as well. Now it would be hard for you to test the cpu when the machine wont even boot up but surely you can test it in another machine to see if it works.


I tested cooler/fan with external power source and it worked. I can't test prosessor because I can't find compatible motherboard for it. It uses mPGA479m socket, so i guess this laptop will end up recycle.

Thank you for your help

No problemo matey

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