Hello everyone!

I recently purchased a new hard drive and installed windows xp. Everything was doing great until i started playing GTA. At some points of the game the screen freezes and the sound turns to a horrible noise. I also discovered that also playing videos from the web( e.g. Youtube) the video just freezes and then that a wretched noise appears again. Sometimes it stops sometimes i doesn't.

Please help me out!


P.S.: System Details:
Motherboard ASR-Rock 775 Dual 880 Pro
Intel Celeron CPU 3.06Ghz
RAM 512mb
Nvidia Geforce 6200 Turbo Cache , Raster display , refresh rate 60hz
DirectX 9.0c
Samsung HD321KJ

p.p.s.: My hard drive is a SATA type. I didn't installed it with RAID drivers. Is that a problem?

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In the games setup ensure that it using the right sound device, Some times game default to the midi controller. I would also look into updating the driver ,what is the rating on your power supply


if i'm not mistaken my power supply gives me 500w.

I've tried to reinstall DirectX and the drivers and still the problem persists!

It's strange because before i changed hard drives everything was running smothly.

my sound devices drivers are: audio and recording reprodution Realtek AC97 audio and at the MIDI reprodution i got to drivers: Sinthetizer by GS Wa Software and MPU-401

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