Read and search the forum, but I haven't found an answer that works yet.

My computer a few months ago was fried ( no idea what happen, It was left on overnite, power went out, came back it was stuck on the windows loading screen, it was KIA, power supply went bad, and I bent a pin on my cpu, awsome.)

Fast forward to now, I got the new CPU in and power supply, the computer starts up and usally during "Detecting IDE Drivers" it will shutdown.

One time it said it detetcs my new CPU and wants to run CMOS for defaults settings ? ( I try to do so by hitting DEL I get to the blue screen, it shuts down before i get a chance to try anything.

But for the most part it shuts off during the memory test.

Quick specs
P4 2.80ghz proc (northwood)
LanParty 865PE Motherboard
4x 512 sticks Corsair DDR memory
GeForce 7600GS DDR2 512MB GCard
SountBlaster Audigy 2 Scard
80gig HD
OS is Windows XP home edition
Any and all help/suggestions are much appreciated.

1. Go to bios and manually detect the Hardrive, see if it detects it...
2. Boot wih Xp cd ,go to recovery console
3. Run chkdsk /p
if you get any error
4. try chkdsk /r
waiting for reply

Computer wont stay on long enough for me to detect it, what do I select when I go into the blue screen, nothing really says to detect anything.

I think you have to watch carefully the the hardware of damage and reconfigure the system go for the new start of installing the OS ..I hope it works!

Now this computer will now boot up onto the moniter, it turns on and STAYS on now, but nothing on the moniter....this computer is nearing its end in the sights of an M4....I just dont understand why this thing is such a pain in the ass

Hey there buddy
I feel your frustration,but believe me when ever I get frustrated, I just don't get my way with whatever it is what I'm trying to do

Into business,try one of the following:
do you get normal beep at startup?
--jump the BIOS and restart
-if you have and are not using your on board display controller do so.
-minimize the prob by temporary removing all unneeded parts i.e pci cards etc
-get a graphics card that

-make sure you have enough cooler (fans) in box(especially the new cpu)

-make sure your new power supply is providing fair power to all motherboard/components (incl monitor if its plugged in straight in the power supply)