I have a new system: Biostar MB FT 7050
OCZ platinum revised 2 gigs
Ultra 600 watt PS
seagate 250 gig harddrive

My problem, My system will not boot up properly after it has been off for a while(15 + Min). It boots to the BIOS and allows me to enter BIOS just fine, but if I press F1 to load OS(windows XP pro SP2) it will not show the Post screen and freezes on a black screen with cursor. To remedy all I have to do is turn the PS switch to off or unplug and wait a minute and then it will boot fine and everything runs great. Do I have a problem with PS or MB? I have read some other posts and it sounds like a uncommon problem. Please also note that if the system is restarted after it is shut down, or right after it is turned off it will start just fine, no boot problems. Thanks guys

Enter BIOS Setup. Look under PnP/PCI Configuration for Reset Configuration Data and enable it (it's a one time change to reset ESCD).
Also ensure thar Resource Control is set to Auto.

Thanks, but that didn't work. I waited 20 mins, and tried to turn it on, the first BIOS screen came up I hit F1 to load OS and straight to black screen we went. I turned it off, switch the PSU unit off and waited a min or 2 and turned it back on and here were are. Windows booted fine and everything else seems fine. Any other suggestions? And thanks for the quick response.

why do you have to hit F1 to load the OS? what other message are you getting on the bios screen when you have to press F1

It gives me the option to hit Del for BIOS or F1 for continue. I don't know why, but it has done that since I got it. O, it does say floppy failed 40, or something like that, but I do not have a floppy. I do not know what this would have to do with my problem as it will work correctly as stated above, but just in case I will answer any questions so i can get some help. Thanks for post.

ok in the bios remove the option to check for floppy or Alt on error (either Floppy, Keyboard or all) would be in bracket. change that to none. then restart.as soon ass the bios finish loading keep pressing F8 until you get a menu with " LAST KNOWn GOOD CONFIGURATION" as an option. start the pc in with that and let us know what happen

On the first BIOS screen (Standard Features or similar) -- For Drive A Select None. That should fix the problem. Windows is trying to load a device that isn't present.

I followed number 6 response, waited 20-30 min and restarted computer with no problem. I will also follow number 7 suggestion just because it makes sense. Could you please explain why I was having this power issue? It seems you knew the answer, so can you explain so I might be able to pass the knowledge on? Thanks so much. I will wait until tomorrow morning to make sure the problem has resolved, as a power down over night will let me know for sure. I will post tomorrow with status, and hopefully everything will be well. Thanks so much guys, and please check back for my status tomorrow.

It wasn't a "power issue" at all. It had to do with the boot process and the way installed devices are enumerated. BIOS and/or XP were trying to find a FDD that was not present.

The next time you get a boot error message, pay attention. This one would have been easy to resolve during build process.

The problem seems to have been resolved, I feel stupid, and thankful for your help. Could someone explain to me why turning the PSU switch to off for a min or so would allow my computer to boot, I still don't understand that part. Thank You Willcomp and Bobbyraw for you help, you have no idea how thankful I am.

You could have used reset switch as well (if PC has one). All you did was essentially a rapid reboot before prior boot info was cleared and it bypassed error. You'll need someone with more BIOS interworkings expertise to explain the gory details.

The problem has not been resolved. I came home from work started up my computer and what do I see a black screen with a flashing cursor!!!! I am so pissed!!!! Anybody have any other ideas??

I am going to repost as well.

Problem is still most likely an ESCD enumeration problem. Sure thought the FDD would fix it. Any error messages at boot?

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