This is my first post so please be gentle with me!!
I am having trouble understanding airport utilities.
I have the utilities window open and it displays the router address...I would like to know where this address is from, is it internal or did my internet provider give it that address??

I would LOVE any help that is offered - Ideally to chat with someone over im would be amazing so I can go through the other fields I see (such as dhcp client id and domain name and LDAP server...?)
I was told the dhcp client id is the mac address - is this referring to the airport ethernet address???

Its another language for me!!

Thanks for reading

hope someone can point me in the right direction!


Everybody loves to lend a helping hand but first the best things !st should be that you tell us what your unit is or some specs for if its a mac in network utilities in the preferences pane the IP address is from your router, this address is determined by your router settings and channels is also displayed if its wireless and the DNS server from your internet provider is also displayed. PS. post specs