I have an Envision 19" LCD monitor that I got about two months ago and a GeForce 7900 video card, and lately some videos have been completely tinted pink. Most videos haven't, but in the last two or three days I'll be watching a video online and it will be tinted pink. The videos can be from anywhere, but mostly from ebaumsworld and i-am-bored.com.

It seems to be getting a little worse. I was watching some Mike Meyers' Comptia A+ instructional videos fine earlier today. I paused the video for a few hours while I went out of the house and played it again, and now all the live action video of him is pink (the other parts of the videos are all text and graphics, which are normal).

Adjusting the color temperature doesn't really help since it makes everything darker if I want to bring down the brightness of these videos. My video card's drivers are updated. I tried downloading DirectX 10 though I'm pretty sure I already had that and I installed it, and see no difference.

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I dont think that your card supports direct x 10 ,so better, revert back to directx9c.
Btw, Have you tested any direct x issues by going in Start> Run> typing Dxdiag.
Also, Do you have the latest codec installed?
Also, sometimes it is better to uninstall & reinstall the driver for your video card.

Oh yeah, mine doesn't support DirectX 10. I have XP, anyways.

I'm pretty sure it's just the media player since videos that were playing in pink now are fine. But I'll try out some of the things you mentioned.


A pink hue is most often a failing backlight bulb. It is called a ccfl, and it can bea bear to replace. long, thin and very fragile, and powered by high voltage that the board retians after shutdown.

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