it just messes up the desk top & nothing works
my comp. is athlon mother board
things tryed
1. downloaded new nvidia driver multi use
2.downloaded 3 monitor drivers non would install
(can only work in safe mode with g force in)
showing driver as correct and working in hardware monitor
but in display(settings) it says defult monitor. my old card would be there
but the g force wont
please reply soon graphics card & hammer within easy reach

Sounds like you havn't uninstalled your old gfx card's drivers.

In Add/Remove programs, remove any display drivers listed.

In System proerties > Device manager, select any display card listed and choose uninstall.

reboot, cancel out of any hardware recognition dialogue which is presented to you, and then run the driver file you've downloaded from nVidia. (You DID download the latest driver from www.nvidia.com if it's a new graphics card, didn't you?)

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