i insert my usb pendrive into the socket but nothing seems to detect it even with windows xp service pack 2.

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what should i do when after inserting the pen drive windows is able to detect but u cant access the drive. the icon shows in the system tray but u can see it in my computer and cant access it.

Try the detect new hardware in the Control Panel.
Also what OS are you running? Some pen-drives that run on win98 require drivers to fully work.

You might need to format it?

am using windows xp service pack 2 but still. windows dont even recognizes it and sometimes recognizes but cant find it in the explorer.

What is the make of the pen drive?
Disgo, Verbatim, other?

Do you use the front USB ports or the rare ones ?

i have tried booth ports but still

m gonna ask a silly question,

does ur pen drive work on other comps..?
hav u tried?

nope pls. it doesnt work on any computer. its a big problem for me. windows is not able to detect some of the pendrive and sometimes detects but cannot be found in my computer explorer.

has it ever worked ?
it could be duff at the usb connection, try levering it gently (move it one way and the other against the connector) to see if it helps
if it does then it's time to buy a new one

Have you had it for a very long time without using it or is it brand new?
If you haven't used it in a long while (years), the internal battery may have run dry.
Also you may require drivers for this USB pen drive

Also you may require drivers for this USB pen drive

Unless its wierd (e.g encrypted or something) it shouldnt need a driver on 2k/xp

My Verbatim required drivers to work with win 98SE , and my other memory stick (Disgo) came with a cd with drivers that had better features than the standard Windows ones.

My Verbatim required drivers to work with win 98SE

All memory sticks need drivers for 98.

True, but my Disgo had 'advanced' features with it's own custom drivers. Also check with the manufactures website incase your memory stick has drivers avaible.

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