hello all,

i am facing this very annoying problem with my OS.

My Win XP Prof SP1 does not detect USB mass storage devices.

but on the other hand i have a usb mouse,scanner,printer all working good... so i know that the usb slots are all proper.

todayi tried connecting a 128Mb transcend flash drive, but windows failed to recoginse it.

jus for the records i hav a intel 845wn motherboard, jus in case if this information is needed.

any tricks, suggestions, advices would be highly appreciated.


I've been having the same problems with my Lacie Disk and now with a USB Synthesiser. It's driving me mad. I just read of some usb detection software but I don't know where to get it. Maybe somebode here has a clue?


By not recognizing you mean nothing pops up when you connect the device. Sometimes the drives are recognized but the driver signing compatibility issue comes in the picture.

You could try another flash drive or a diff USB product. I know you said the ports are functional. But whats the harm in checking.

Have the device manager open when you connect the device.
Check if there are any conflicts if yes then update. If no then you might have to uninstall and reinstall the USB drivers.

A lot of times when you have a seemingly unsolvable problem with XP not recognizing mass stage devices, especially if an unknown phantom devise pops up in device manager, yet the mouse and keyboard have no problem…don’t bother running windows repair, which wont work in these cases, it can often be miraculously fixed!

If you haven’t tried this yet… now’s the time. Unplug all un-recognized usb devices, then unplug the power cord.. let stand over-night; then plug in power and boot up fully then reattach devices.

..Good Luck!


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If it is not fixed now it never will be.....

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