I have a problem, the CD drive in my laptop does not read any CDs any more, although it reads DVDs normally!
What can I do to solve this?

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If you have a bootable CD's such as dos or win XP, Put the cd in the drive. Go to the Bios settings of your laptop by pressing the appropriate key. Change the first boot device to you respective CD Drive. Save and restart the laptop. If the CD Boots then your Laptop Optical Drive is OK. You need to reinstall the operating system("better format and reinstall"). If the CD does not boots then there is a problem with your Optical Drive and you need to give to the appropriate vendor for servicing.

Thank you :)

[Hello zizo 29

I have same problem, DVD Pioneer 111 in desktop is sick. Had replaced with one from other PC but same problem. PC has dual bootable OS (XP and Vista) but it has same problem DVD is OK but CD does not read at all. And it does not boot as well. Same DVD in different PC works fine.

Maybe Sony root virus?

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