os windows xp sp2 display ati radeon xpress 200m series
Hi have a equium M50-244 with a problem. Seems to work fine but suddenly goes to blue screen with message:
A problem has been detected has been shut down to prevent damage.
The problem seems to be caused by following file ati2dvag.dll
If this is the first time you have seen this stop screen restart computer if this screen appears again take these steps
The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop this usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with device driver programming the hardware incorrectly.
Please check with your hardware device vendor for any driver updates.

beginning dump of physical memory

Have tried updating drivers from toshiba ati and omega this has made no difference.
Of course there could be a fault with chipset but diagnostics does not identify any problems. If I run windows in safe mode display is ok. Other forums seem to report similar problems with this model and ati chipset, but no-one seems to have solution. Can anyone help?

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If it works in safe mode; have you tried a system recovery?

Dazza :cool:

thanks for your reply I have tried system recovery. Also complete reinstall of windows with toshiba recovery disc but error message reappears just when I think its sorted!!.

Have you installed or removed any software or hardware recently?
Even just connected a new device?

Dazza :cool:

No, the laptop has had problem for a while, and I have been trying to sort it out. From what I have found on internet it seems there could be a conflict with with winXP and ati drivers. Omega claim to have sorted the problem. I have installed these drivers but system still seems unstable. So I wondered if anyone has come across any other solutions.


I have the same problem with my M50-244. It crashes if I use the ati chip so I have disabled it. This stops it crashing but the screen display goes corrupt, pixels missing, and the pointer freezes. If I flex the left side of the case, the pointer regains movement for a while. I have re-applied heat transfer paste to the main processor and ati chip. This seemed to improve things initially but the problem persists ever 10 mins or so. I have reinstalled xp and tried new ati drivers. It's graphical capabilities are too slow since the ati chip is not being used. Any ideas?

Hi sorry to hear you have the same problem. I emailed ati tech dept about the problem. They replied saying that their drivers may not be any good for laptops as they only supplied the hardware to manufacturers who may have disabled some of the functions and to contact toshiba. I have contacted toshiba and after a couple of emails, I am waiting for a reply from there support dept. The only thing I can suggest is I have downloaded ati omega drivers which seem to keep my laptop stable for about 60-90 mins from cold start(but no guarantee). Also could you contact toshiba support reporting the problem as I feel it is a manufacturing fault, and toshiba should try to find a solution to this problem. Hopes this helps, please let me know if you have any success

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