OK, I have 6800 graphic card, turn on PC and as soon as fans start spinning PC turns off. I can also hear a small sqeaking type of noise coming from tyhe graphics card.

I really need help, can anyone relate to what the cause might be and what could be wrong with the card.


I have a 500W PSU from Antec so that is not the problem.
I have an Asus A7n8x mobo
I have tried in a friends computer, no luck, same problem
A nvidia 5600 works in this computer
I have tried even with only mobo and one hard drive and CPU fan plus graphics connected incase it could be power being drained, but still no luck there.

So, I know it IS the CARD which has a fault but Id like anyone with any clues what the fault could be or how it could arise to reply. thanks.

yeah you probably dont have enough power to run both the card and the rest .sometimes (i had this problem once) the comp will shut off because it runs out of power when this happened to me, me and my brother couldnt figured it out we thought there was a mem prob and then after having to sit next to a dell guy who reeked of smoke for 6 hours after he tried everything and then finally tested the power supply and said there wasnt enought power (my dad thought this was funny he is an electrician). I ended up getting a better comp for free (this was like a year ago).

here are some other things that could be wrong.
is the slot big enough for the card on the motherboard maybe the board is not compatible. There is a fan on that card right it could be that too like the fan is not working properly.

When did this start happening?

It could be power, like mikeandike22 mentioned, but I'm just thinking the card's dead. If this persisted on another system, then I'd definitely think the card's dead.

The card's not new, is it?

I'd consider it's definitely an inadequate power supply unit. When you try to obtain a replacement, consider a 400Watt unit as a minimum, and purchase for quality of brand rather than extra wattage. Cheaper power supply units do NOT deliver stable voltage levels.

heres my theory, $20 for each 100 watts

A great powersupply will run you about $80-$100 for 480watts

that is my theory , i dont want to hear any "no thats not true or anything"

if you dont agree then don't use my theory.

My own 'rule of thumb' is that anything costing less than $AUD100 is suspicious! ;)

well sometimes u can find great powersupplies on sale for $50 i paid $60 for mine which regularly sells for $99

yeah but did you pay in us or australian becuase there is an exchange rate but i dont know the difference is between us and australian (i am just posting this because catweazle said 100 australian).

oh thats US

US money better then australian :evil: :lol:

ok how so that doesnt really make sense.

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